Luminar 3, ver. 3.1.0 update

Luminar 3, ver. 3.1.0 update (coupon code: MOJE)

Luminar 3, ver. 3.1.0

The Windows version of Luminar receives several updates with version 3.1 We hope you enjoy this new release of Luminar and appreciate your feedback and reports.

New Features – Luminar 3, ver. 3.1.0

Take advantage of these new and improved features.

  • ACCENT AI 2.0. An improved algorithm that makes this a go-to filer. New „human-aware” technology recognizes people in your photos and applies adjustments selectively for more realistic images.
  • RAW + JPEG PAIRS. When you import Raw and JPEG pairs, you can decide which files to see. View just Raw or JPEG for a less cluttered library, or see both and use the JPEG file as a reference as you edit. Edits to each file are independent but can be easily synced. Use the View menu to control which images are shown for a clutter-free library.
  • IMPORT IMAGES. You can now import images from a memory card or hard drive and copy them to a folder. You can also choose to include subfolders when importing
  • SELECTIVE SYNC FOR SYNC ADJUSTMENTS. Once you’ve created the perfect style, apply it to all shots in your series with the improved Adjustment Sync. You can now select multiple photos and apply the same adjustments in just one click. Filters and Looks are transferred instantly, while image-specific changes like cloning and cropping are ignored.
  • SMUGMUG SHARING. The ability to post images to SmugMug has now been added to Luminar for Windows.
  • SHORTCUTS. Folders and user albums can be added to the Shortcuts list. Just right-click for a context menu or drag & drop them into the list.
  • IMPROVED SELECTIONS. Want to choose a range of photos in the Gallery view? Try the Shift or Ctrl key to select a range or group of images. You can also deselect images from a multiselection by Ctrl+clicking on an image.
  • BETTER SORTING. When you choose to sort your images using another method (such as File Type or Color Label) they are also sorted by Capture Day.
  • ROTATE IN GALLERY. Images selected in the gallery can be quickly rotated left or right by 90ĚŠ increments with no need to switch to edit view. Just use the Image > Rotate menu or just right-click.
  • PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS SUPPORT. We’ve added Photoshop Elements support to the Windows platform. Just choose the Install Plugins command if you want to load Luminar as a plugin. For future versions of Luminar, plugin users should switch to Luminar Flex.
the new Luminar 3.1 update and started the Update Deal - coupon code MOJE
the new Luminar 3.1 update and started the Update Deal – coupon code MOJE

Performance Improvements

Get additional speed and performance from the Luminar update.

  • IMPROVED HISTORY. Undo a Sync/Copy/Paste adjustments with one step in the History list.
  • HIDDEN FILES. Luminar does a better job of filtering hidden folders and photo. Additionally, unwanted items like Backups, History, Previews, and Caches won’t be shown when opening Luminar Catalogs.
  • STABILITY. Thanks to our users for reporting different issues. This version of Luminar offers general stability improvements.

Luminar 3, ver. 3.1.0 – the Update Deal

The update deal will be available April 25 through May 14.


Luminar 3.1 can be purchased for US$60 (US$50 with coupon code: MOJE) instead of US$70

Luminar 3.1 + Photography 101 video course by SLR lounge (worth US$99) bundle can be purchased for US$69 (US$59 with coupon code: MOJE ) instead of US$169

Luminar 3.1 + Aurora HDR (worth US$99) + Photography 101 video course by SLR lounge (worth US$99) bundle can be purchased for US$129 (US$119 with coupon code: MOJE ) instead of US$268