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ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5.1 update

This is a patch release for ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 that fixes a handful of defects that were not uncovered until after it shipped. – Issues Addressed in 2019.5.1 (

  • Capture Date Missing — We have discovered an issue where capture date metadata is failing to parse correctly, leaving the capture metadata field blank. For new photos or photos in cataloged folders this will correct itself. For photos that have already been browsed and the capture date is missing, use the „Read Metadata from Photo” command. Note, this command has been updated to preserve the current star, flag and color ratings and will merge keywords
  • Crashing whilst Browsing — If your sort order is set to Capture Date, the above issue can also lead to a crash when parsing capture metadata
  • Search and Smart Albums by Date — Searching by date may fail to find any or all expected photos if the capture date metadata is missing. This also affects Smart Albums that search by date
  • Thumbnails and Previews Showing Ghosting or Artifacts — In some cases, after editing a photo and returning to Browse, the thumbnail and fit-screen preview may show ghosting or artifacts. When you open the photo again into Edit it looks correct. This appears to affect smaller, non-high high-dpi displays more
  • Exported Photos Show Ghosting or Artifacts — This shares the same root cause as the issue above
  • Keywords — There are several issues with keywords including duplicates with different case, search results not finding what they should and issues with deleting
  • Border Fitting — In 2019.5 we added a new option to the Borders, Textures and Vignette filters to adjust how the fit. In the past, they have always matched the layer. If you used the transform tool to make a layer larger than the canvas, the border would not be visible. We added the Fit to Canvas option to these filters so you can lock the border to the edge of the canvas in these cases. Unfortunately, this has caused confusion when you crop or make the layer smaller. We have made it intelligent and will turn this option on or off dynamically when needed now.
  • Canvas size issues with medium and small Nikon RAW files from the D850, Z 6, Z 7
  • On macOS 10.14, the app jumping up when you are working on other apps
  • HDR could crash on sav
  • Several other performance and stability improvements
Cena ON1 Photo RAW 2019 - ile kosztuje edytor graficzny bez abonamentu alternatywy dla Lightroom?
Cena ON1 Photo RAW 2019 – ile kosztuje edytor graficzny bez abonamentu alternatywy dla Lightroom?

Issues NOT Fixed in 2019.5.1 Patch

These are a few known-issues from the 2019.5 release that will not be fixed in the 2019.5.1 patch and will instead be addressed in a future release. We do not have a timeframe for this release yet.

  • Pressure Sensitive Tablets on Windows 10 — Some pressure sensitive tablets on Windows 10 may not register clicks or support pressure. For many users, disabling the Windows Ink option in the tablet driver will fix this. For others, it will not.
  • Canon CR3 Support — We are still working on decoding this format. The workaround is to use Adobe’s free DNG converter and convert the photos to DNG, which we fully support.
  • Intel HD 500 Hang — Still investigating. We have not been able to reproduce.